Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chesca's Dora cake

Happy 2012 everyone! We know we owe you all some blogging, yes, we've missed you too! Life happened. :) We hope the holiday season was as sweetly eventful for you as it has been for us. As per our facebook page, we did close our tiny kitchen over the holidays which allowed us to spend precious time with family and friends.

Now, we're ready for another year of baking, designing, caking, and prettifying life!

Here's our first cake for 2012: A two-tier Dora cake for a cutie little girl's second birthday.

Hola! I'm Dora!

Here's Map...

and, this is Backpack. I take them with me wherever I go.

This is Boots the Monkey:

and Swiper the Fox:

They look cute!

Happy 2nd birthday, dear Chesca!

Thank you for joining us in this sugary-sweet journey!

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