Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Buttercream-Only 79th Birthday Cake

Hello! We received an overseas phone call for a 
short-notice request (2days!) from one of our very first 'clients' 
when we got started, and so we couldn't say no. 
It was for her dear mum's birthday...

 When looking for inspiration, we stumbled upon a 
beautiful modern buttecream-only cake by a US bakery. 
So, on a whim, we decided this was
our chance to dabble into the world of piped flower icings.

This is our first official attempt in making
a buttercream-only creation.
The cake is a vanilla yoghurt pound cake, 
layered and frosted with lemon-vanilla buttercream.

 It is a 6"x7" round barrel cake (double height, 
including the flowers) and is good for a party of 20-25. 
We're rather pleased with how the colour scheme came together. 
The problem with most of the traditional-style buttercream cakes 
is that they are often dull in appearance and lacking
in liveliness, crispness and contrast.

Thank God for the world wide web and YouTube University
for the crash course on basic piping techniques!
Oh, and credits to Bona Ceri Floral Cakes for our inspiration.

And just when we were about to go to sleep, 
we decided that the flowers alone were not enough star-factor, 
so we got out of bed again to hand-mould 
the number 79 out of modeling chocolate... just because.

 There you go - our very first buttercream-only cake!
We look forward to many more buttercream-only creations...
we think we're rather hooked. :)
Thank you for joining us in this sugary-sweet journey!

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