Monday, January 27, 2014

Chris' Wine Bottle Cakescape (70th)

Yet another first for us. We love a challenge! 
Often the cost of making a cake does not take into account (at all) the extensive time 
and immeasurable effort we pour into our creations.
And we blame nobody else but ourselves for this -
we have, countless of times, found ourselves carried away
and diverting from what's meant to be a simple cake.
The true reward is simply proving to ourselves that we could!

Here is a perfect example of the above scenario: 

The box is the cake. 
The wine bottle (a replica of a real NZ winemaker's bottle) is made of fondant.
 The grapes and grapevine leaves were hand-crafted. No silicone moulds!
(Ain't buying overly-priced moulds for one-off jobs!Hmp! LOL)

Thank you, Chris & Penny, for joining us on this sugary-sweet journey!

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