Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mikhail's christening cake

In August, we were asked by a friend if we could make two cakes for her sons - one for Mikhail's christening, the other one for Mharcus' 6th birthday. They were having a combined celebration. Fun, right?! :) This Momma bakes and decorates cakes for friends and family, too, so we were especially surprised and flattered (if that's the right word) that she would even trust us to make the cakes (she left the design & details all up to us). Thank you, Rio (and Mark!).

Now, Mikhail's christening cake is one of the sweetest cakes we've ever made. :) You'll see...

Ain't he the sweetest baby? *sigh* 

We were told on the day of the event that hydrangeas are Rio's favourite flowers, too. Win! We love that they loved this cake! :)

Thank you for joining us in this sugary-sweet journey!

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