Sunday, December 07, 2014

Special Mother's Day cupcakes... a gift from us!

For Mother's Day this year, we decided to do something special for
 the mothers in our lives... well, here in New Zealand anyway 
(sending them overseas isn't very feasible!).

So we decided to do what we do best, besides cakes: 
especially packaged with all the love in the world! :)

As we were collating our photos for blogging, we found out that we don't have a 
photo of the cupcakes (minus the packaging). *sobs*

Fortunately one of the recipients of these cupcakes took a beautiful photo of it! 
*she saves the day!*

Thank you, Miss. Available Light Ltd. ;)

A very late happy Mother's Day to all! *LOL*

Thank you for joining us in this sugary-sweet journey! 
Love to you!

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