Tuesday, September 20, 2011

60th Launch / Fishing Boat Cake

A peek into the process of creating a bespoke cake.

First we brainstorm and design...
After some necessary procrastination, we build:
The boat is a replica of the birthday boy's 
(yes, we said boy, just because we can't really say 'birthday man') 
most cherished launch boat. 

Then as close to the day as possible, we bake... 
After which, the fun part - when it all comes together! 
 First the details... we put every effort into making sure that every detail is executed with much care and thoughtfulness. We give every creation our very best! 
 (Above: hand-moulded, hand-painted seagulls)

 Above: The launch boat's actual name; hand-moulded and hand-painted blue marlin head. 

 Above: Needless to say, 'Arthur' likes fishing and his beer. :)

Finally, here are some 'cake portrait' shots... just because:
Oh, and the 'Happy Birthday' writing (on photo above) is edible sticker. 
If there was such a thing as edible wires, 
we would make every effort to get our hands on them too! 
We're NOT big fans of putting inedible things on cakes. 

A top-down view of Arthur's cake:

 Just one more... while we're at it:

Happy 60th birthday, Arthur! 
To our good friend Ivan, his lovely wife Mel, and their gorgeous children: we have enjoyed getting to know your family a little bit more through this adventure. 
Thank you for joining us in this sugary-sweet journey!

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