Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dinosaur / Jurassic Themed Cake

Kia Ora again! It's great to be back, and it definitely feels like we are well on track again for the year. So for a quick update on our recent adventures - Jane has just finished 1 month of her Small Business course, still a while to go, but she's learning a great deal and we're very excited about all the trade secrets she is discovering. Joy is 16 weeks pregnant today! Because we both work full-time, Joy has now once again deferred from her Masters degree programme - and this is so she can help Jane more with the our cakescapades. So, bring on the cake-athons!!! 

This week, Max turned 5. Here's the cakescape:

 For a close up look of the volcano (milk chocolate mud cake with creamy milk-chocolate ganache) baked from scratch (as always), with 5 sparkly candles stuck to the crater:

There was T-Rex of course, the king of the Jurassic jungle:

Dinosaur #2: Triceratops at the foot of the volcano:

Dinosaur #3: a thirsty Stegosaurus:

Dinosaur # 4: Brachiosaurus - a happy yellow one!

Dinosaur #5: Brontosaurus, frolicking in the water...

There you go, 5 hand-sculpted edible dinosaurs for a big 5-year old boy. Happy birthday Max! 
Thank you for joining us in this sugary sweet journey!

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