Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eeyore 3D

Yet another FIRST for Sweet Art Cakes: a 3D cake. When we were first approached by the birthday girl's doting Aunty, the original plan was to make our usual round cake with the 3D sculptured icing topper. So, we gave her a quote for this. Later she came back with another idea - to make Eeyore 'the cake'! Great idea - except, we've never done one like this before...

After some discussion, we agreed to take up the challenge but still kept the agreed price quote. Our reason is that, even though we knew it was going to cost us much more in materials and working hours, we weren't too sure if we were going to be able to 'deliver' with the same quality as we always aspire to.  So, did we deliver? You be the judge: 

The flavour: milk chocolate mud cake smothered in milk-chocolate ganache. The size: at a total of two 6x6 round cakes, this cake is quite literally 'choc-a-bloc'!!!


Jane made some sugar flowers to prettify the whole look and add some other colour. And how sweet is that little butterfly sitting so pretty on Eeyore's nose?

Aaaaawwwwww!!! Melts your heart, doesn't it? And for a last glance:

Jane had the opportunity to deliver this cake to the birthday girl as we were on our way to Sunday lunch. It's always a special experience when we get to see the look on people's faces as soon as they lay their eyes on any of our cakes - awesomeness!!! 

Happy birthday, Aian! And we're pleased that you loved your Eeyore cake. Now, good luck getting yourself to cut it! LOL!!! Thank you for joining us in this sugary sweet journey.


Grace Cakes said...

Well done on your first 3D cake. The cake is absolutely amazing! You guys are seriously talented!

Sweet Art said...

Thanks again, Grace Cakes!