Monday, July 16, 2012

Dora cake - take 3!

There hasn't been much baking happening round here, unfortunately... but for intentional reasons: we recently moved to a new place - more space, whew! Joy is now 29 weeks pregnant (and still teaching), Jane is in her 3rd module at business school, Kenneth is now permanently busy with his various home improvement projects... on top of our usual full time jobs. 
Not much caking fun, but we are grateful nevertheless.

Here's a quick peek into our most recent project...

Now we know just how influential this Dora character is... this is the third Dora cake we have done so far, and won't be surprised if we get more. The little ones really do aDORe her! 
 Rhaeleen is such a pretty name! Long, but pretty. Her mum was quite specific about white, pink and purple being the central colour theme. The yellow is just to break the tone.
Above: a view from the top... and finally...
"Hello!!! The party was good, yes Rhaeleen loved the cake! She keeps blowing the candle and asking wheres Dora cake? Thanks again!" - Rhaeleen's Mum & Dad - Lyn & John.

Thank you for joining us in this sugary sweet journey!

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