Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lion Cake


This week's post is our amateur attempt at a 'realistic' 3D cake. We know we are light years away from our inspiration, Sylvia Weinstock, but hey - we've got to start somewhere! So when a lovely young lady approached us for her 21st birthday, we accepted the challenge in sort of a 'fake it 'till we make it kind of way'. We said YES with such confidence that can move mountains, even though inside we had no clue whatsoever 
how we were going to approach the job...
So, if you feel like being critical - no worries, we're already one step ahead of yah (wink wink)!  We also have a resident-self-taught-engineer-of-some-sort (Kenneth) who is our biggest fan and most valuable critic. He reckons our proportions are not quite right. 
We cannot disagree.  
The inspiration photo that the lovely client gave us was of a cake made of air-brushed butter cream-iced cake. We work with fondant. And haven't yet learned to work with air brushing. Someday soon... so for now, we gotta work with what we have. 
 The cake component is creamy milk chocolate mud cake all smothered in milk chocolate ganaché. We didn't get to weigh the final product, but get this - the ganaché alone weighed 2.5 kilograms!!! The mud cake is approximately 4 kilograms in itself. We used up 1 Kilograms of fondant. We hope she serves it up, it would be a shame not to eat all that cake - NOM NOM NOM.  
 Hence, given the circumstances, we reckon not bad for a first go. Most importantly, the client was happy with her cake. And that matters to us very much: 
"Thank you both so much for your effort and kindness. I will be sure to take a pic and show you what my party ends up looking like :)" - Rez, Auckland

Thank you for joining us in this sugary sweet journey!



Grace Cakes said...

You guys sound just like me when I'm not 100% happy with a cake! Haha!
This cake is absolutely AMAZING though (I'm not just saying that!) I think you're so creative and just taking on a task like that is mind blowing! Well done! That must have taken you SO long to do, especially with the planning that goes into it too!
Can't wait to see more of your 3D cakes!

Sweet Art said...

Thank you, Grace Cakes! Your words are very kind and encouraging. :)