Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Connor's Wild Wild West 3rd Birthday Cake

News flash: Joy & Kenneth's little princess has arrived!!!
(Abigail) Kloé is now 5 weeks and 4 days old. There is a beautiful warm fuzzy buzz
around our little home and it's all about the littlest one. 

Jane has now finished with business school (for now), and is now the proud owner of a Certificate in Small Business Management! How quickly time flies...

Amidst all of this, we managed to produce a cakescape extraordinaire - the only commission we accepted for the month of October, one we could not refuse no matter the circumstances. This family has been a very supportive client from the start, we are grateful.

Last year, we made an Ernie & Bert Cake for Connor's 2nd birthday. 
This year, his mom wanted nothing less than a cakescape
and gave us 3 months (get that - 3 months) lead time!!! We ♥ her. 

The theme was 'Cowboys & Indians'. Connor also loves animals, 
and so the inspiration his mom has chosen was perfect for this: 
Quickdraw McGraw (a classic cartoon tv show from the '60s which, 
we've never heard off until this... had to watch episodes to study the characters). 

Meet Sheriff Quick Draw McGraw, aka vigilante El Kabong:

Deputy Baba Looey (a Mexican Donkey):

Dog deputy Snuffles:

Featuring Connor as the 'Indian in a tee-pee': 

The campfire hang-out: 

As if all that wasn't enough, 15 cupcakes also went along with the cakescape, in 3 designs, all matching the Wild Wild West theme: 

Thank you Connor for sharing in our sugary sweet journey! See you again next year :)      

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