Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mr & Mrs Potato Head: Franz & Kristin's Red Velvet Wedding Cake

Just over a year ago, we were asked to create an engagement cake for a lovely couple.
And now, the big day has come... We ♥ this wedding cake! 

Outside, it's a classic all-white fondant-iced cake... 
Inside, it's red, velevety & smothered with a white chocolate cream cheese frosting 
made only with the best ingredients! 

At first (Joy, being honest here) we couldn't see 
what the big attraction was to this cake design... 
but after everything was said and done, it's made a believer out of us, it's obvious why. 
Kristin has great taste! 

The blooming bride has always had a soft heart for Mr & Mrs Potato Head. 
She collects them, in fact. When we had our initial consultation / cake tasting, 
she was rather shy to mention it. We're glad she did. 
We think it's made their cake even more special.  We like to have a good story to tell. 
Here are a couple more shots of the sugar sculptures:

While the bride was preoccupied with the design, 
the groom's attention was on the cake itself. 
We appreciate his honest opinion of the original recipe which, 
we have since modified and improved. So, here is the cake in all its glory:

At their wedding reception, this 3-tier white beauty, made with 8 blocks of white chocolate,
7 bags of fondant, & 6 packs of cream cheese among other things, stood so very elegantly!
Franz & Kristin, thank you for joining us in this sugary sweet journey! 
We wish you God's blessings and all the best in life as you begin your wedded life together.

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