Friday, January 11, 2013

Julian & Kathy's 'Ocean Blue & Crystals' Wedding Cake

Our mother got married... BOOM! 

We did say 2013 started with a bang for us, didn't we? 
Jane flew back in on the 3rd, and then mother (Kathy) got hitched the next day! 
Fortunately, we had 4 weeks notice (4 weeks!!!), 
so Jane was able to squeeze in some time to make her edible flower toppers. Whew! 

Julian & Kathy share a love for nature, especially bodies of water. 
Their wedding ceremony was held at beautiful Karekare Falls in the heart of Waitakere Ranges. Kathy has always been enchanted by water falls. 

Julian, a Queenslander, is a keen surfer and loves the ocean - 
hence, the colour theme for the wedding and the wedding cake itself. 

Their dinner party was held at Long Bay Restaurant By the Beach, 
attended by very close family and friends. 

To Julian & Kathy: we wish you both happiness! 

Thank you for joining us on this sugary-sweet journey!

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