Friday, January 11, 2013

Gold & Lime Green Roses Wedding Cake

Hello 2013! 

We hope everyone's recovered from the bustle of the Christmas holidays.
Our new year started with a very hectic schedule. Christmas was such a silly season, and just when we thought we were having a quiet start to 2013, we ended up rather inundated - but in a good way. 

Our first entry was quite a feat to achieve. First off, Jane was on holiday in The Philippines through most of December and only just came back last week. 
Before she left, she was able to make some edible sugar roses. 
It was then left with Kenneth & Joy to bake, build and decorate the cake. 

The bottom and top tiers were milk chocolate mud cake with milk chocolate ganaché. The middle tier was white chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganaché. 

The lovely lady who ordered the cake for her niece's wedding also asked for another 3-tier which we regretfully turned down, as we have already had more on our plates than we could handle. Not to mention our beautiful little princess who was very helpful and cooperated through the whole process. 

We didn't hear from the lady for a while, and this always makes us restless, as we do like to hear feedback from all our clients. But this morning, she messaged us with an order for yet another wedding cake next month. Hooray!

Look out for more posts coming up. Thank you for joining us on this sugary sweet journey!

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