Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Joseff's Mickey Mouse & Thomas the Tank Engine 5th Birthday Cake

Joseff is the only child of a very good friend of ours. 
They live all the way in Levin, but they drove up to Auckland 
(where his mum has family and friends) for Joseff's party.

Joseff's mum was adamant that he must have a BIG cake this year 
because she knows that as soon as he starts school, 
he might no longer want to have big parties, 
so this might be her last chance to celebrate 'Filipino-style'...

Joseff likes both Mickey Mouse & Thomas train, 
and couldn't choose between the two. So why not both, hey? 
Luckily, we had months to plan and study this combined-theme.
We found this photo from Flicker and thought it would be perfect 
if we did a few tweaking here and there. 

This is now our version of the cake, for Joseff:

The cake was creamy milk chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache (bottom tier) 
and white chocolate mud cake layered with 
caramel and white chocolate ganache (top tier). 
It weighed a whopping 10K! 
(That's heavier than our little princess at the moment).

All the 3 cake toppers were hand-crafted (no molds, etc.) from fondant. 
Again, the letters and number were made / cut by hand 
(we do not have flashy cutting machines round here... yet. 
We are still poor hobbyists who run on pure passion).

Best of all, we got to attend Joseff's party and enjoyed 
yummy pan de sal, relleno'ng bangus, puto... (in short, Pinoy food!), 
and the company of some great old friends.

Thank you, Joseff, for joining us in this sugary-sweet journey!  

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