Sunday, March 10, 2013

Keith's 70th Birthday 3D Book Cake

We were asked to create a cake for a writer/journalist who turned 70 today. At first, we had no fixed plan of what we were going to do. But after doing our homework, and thanks to the world wide web, we learned a few important things about Keith.

But before getting into the story, here is a picture to hopefully show you just how much love we pour into our unique creations.

Here goes... Keith writes Western novels. 
His pen name is Chap O'Keefe.
The title on the blue book is one of the many novels he has written.  

On an interview, Keith mentioned 'Play Box Annual 1928' as 
one of the memorable first books he read as a child. 
 He wrote for Sunday Star Times for decades. 
These details made it into the yellow book below:

 Again, as a child he belonged to a comic book club called Tiger Tim Club.
He had a badge which looked like the one on the ink bottle below:

All the lettering on this cake was meticulously drawn using edible ink. Oh and no, we haven't just got cleverer, we simply had a new addition to our little team - a calligrapher (wanna be, for now, learning constantly just like we all are, but we think he did an awesome job)! Hooray!

A view of the cake from the right side:

A view from the left side:

And lastly, a view from the top:

We hope you enjoyed reading this post today. We certainly did. 
We learned, amongst many other things, 
that we would rather under-promise and over-deliver.
We also learned that two heads are always better than one. 
Many heads, however, make a team!

Thank you for joining us in this sugary-sweet journey. 


Chap O'Keefe said...

They do say putting out new editions of books these days is a piece of cake. We have digital technology and the likes of Kindle editions that use only electronic ink. But your work of art was both a wonderful surprise for me and, as you note, gave e-ink a new meaning: edible ink! Self, wife, three children, son-in-law, daughter-in-law and five grandchildren have now sampled the newest books and declared them greatly to their taste!

Sweet Art said...

Thank you for your kind words, Chap O'Keefe. We're pleased to hear that our cake has made your birthday extra special!