Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kyle's Farm Animals 1st Birthday Cake

Big boy Kyle turned 1 last weekend. 

His parents asked for a farm animals themed cake...
...because Kyle really likes Galinha / Pintinho Amarilinho
(Portuguese/Brazilian kid TV chracter):
 Galinha is actually sitting on the yummiest banana mud cake ever!
Kyle's mum had a clever idea to have a mini-cake for cake-smashing
on top of the main cake that was to be served to guests.
 Kyle's last name is Macdonald.

Kyle Macdonald had a farm... E I E I O!
And on that farm he had a duck... E I E I O!
 And on that farm he had a cow... moo!
 And on that harm he had a horse... Neigh!
 And on that farm he had a pig... oink!
E I E I O!

 Had to share this photo of Kloé-cake being so enthralled by Kyle's cake.
She talks to all the figurines we make... LOL!
Kloé-cake got to be at Kyle's party too.
Kyle's mum & Aunties made some cupcakes
 to go on the tower along with the cake.
Kyle's mum said it was the best chocolate mud cake she's ever had in NZ!
Why thank you! :)

Thank you, Macdonald family, for joining us in this sugary-sweet journey.

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