Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Jamie & Leo's Purple Wedding Cake

Kia ora! Feels like forever since our last post. 
Although it really hasn't been that long ago. 
It's just that so much has happened since then...

So last Friday, Leo, a relative of a relative (guess that makes him a distant relative, ae?) 
married his lovely fiancé Jamie at the beautiful Gracehill Vineyard Estate in Kumeu. 
Leo is a Filipino & Jamie is from China (wait for it, there is a point to this mention)...

When we met Leo & Jamie for cake tasting and consult, 
Leo's mom came with them. Unfortunately, we had only prepared for 2 tasting sets. 
Jamie said, "It's ok, Nanay and I can share". 
Did she just say 'Nanay'? We loooove her! 
(Nanay means 'mother' in Filipino. Much more than that, 
it is an endearing noun which is now seldom used in our modern culture, 
having been repalced by 'Mama'). And share, they did! 
Their colour theme was purple, so the cake details were various shades of purple. 
Their florist used purple roses and lisianthus, so we opted for ombré purple roses. 
But wait there's more... Jamie must really love the colour purple, 
'cause the top tier of the cake was a purple-coloured coconut cream cake, 
layered in vanilla butter cream, then frosted with white chocolate ganaché. 
Unfortunately, because we couldn't cut the cake to take a photo of the inside, 
we can just imagine how pretty it must have been to cut into it. 
The bottom tier was a white chocolate mud cake, layered 
and frosted with velvety creamy milk chocolate ganaché. 
Love it when clients get creative! 
Thank you, Jamie & Leo for joining us in this sugary-sweet journey! 


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