Sunday, November 03, 2013

Kate & Jay's Ombré Ruffle Wedding Cake

 Because we are bespoke cake stylists, most of our work are original designs. 
However, it is a common practice of most aspiring cake decorators 
and hobbyists to 'take inspiration' (aka copy ideas) 
from much more experienced and innovative masters of the craft. 
We are also only learning, but our point of difference is that when we do borrow an idea,
we give credit where it's due

For this next number, the bride - Kate was really enamored by the simplicity 
of this Bobbette & Belle wedding cake design:
Kate is our Janey's old friend all the way from High School.
We are honoured to help create their dream day!

Here is our humble take on the brooch & ruffles ensemble:

The bottom tier was red vlevet cake in white chocolate ganache frosting.
The middle tier was lemon-vanilla pound cake with white choc ganache.
Th top tier was white choc mud cake with creamy milk choc ganache.

Such yummy colours!!! 

We must have stared at it for hours after assembling it, it was mesmerizing!

The night of the wedding, Kate texted Jane...
she said it was 'delish'! Now, to make a pretty cake - that's one thing.
To make a delicious cake - that's yet another!!!

Thank you for joining us in this sugary-sweet journey!

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