Sunday, November 03, 2013

Kloé Abigail's First Birthday Princess Party Part 1 - The Prep

Hello friends! 
Here is one reason we have been rather slow on the blogging and cake styling in general... 
(other than the fact that Joy has now gone back to full-time paid employment 
doing something she equally enjoys and is equally good at):
Our dear Kloé-cake's first birthday party! 

Why have such an OTT party for a 1-year old little person?
She won't even remember any of it... Why all the fuss?
Just because. Sometimes, there need not be a logical reason. :)
 Here is a little peek at the extensive preparations that went before the pary...

Craft boxes packed as favours:

 Handmade tulle wands and paper crowns:

Disclaimer - we strive to raise Kloé in a calm environment,
hence if you're expecting brightly coloured decorations, then you'll be disappointed.
The colour in Kloé's life comes mostly from nature itself (the sky, grass, flowers, etc.)
and the people that surround her -
our family and friends that have come from all sorts of places and cultures :

Kloé's  great uncle did these balloon-twisting, and they were a hit!

 Sweets table: meringue, mini-cupcakes, yoghurt raisins, ganache tarts, lollies, etc.

We are grateful for friends and family who have gifted us with their 
precious time to help out with the self-catering 
(if this is you, know that you can call on us any time to return the favour):

(most photos by: Available Light Ltd)

And the sugary-sweet journey continues in Part 2 - The Party...

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