Wednesday, May 07, 2014

3D Leopard Cake

Hello again, we hope everyone is sailing sweetly :)

Remember the 3D lion cake we made a while back? Well, someone who attended the event remembered us and came to us for this next number:

As always, there are many things we would do differently / better next time.
But in comparison to our first panthera 3d, we reckon this is a massive leap!
Anyway, before it became like that, here is a peak at the different stages the cake went through:

1. Sculpting & Ganache frosting:
 2.Fondant-finishing and additional sculpting and moulding:
3. The head is constructed separately. L: early stage of detailing.
R: Final stage with shading and contours.
And for some side profiles:
 The cake board was custom-made by Kenneth to accommodate the length of the cake:


Thank you, Renata, for joining us on this sugary-sweet journey!

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