Friday, May 09, 2014

Alice's Sophisticated 16th Birthday Tiara Cake

Alice has to be one of the best clients we've ever had! Hard to imagine she is only 16. 
She knew exactly what she wanted in terms of what the cake would look like. 

She gave us this brief:
"All-white cake, with black ribbon/bow around the base. Edible black tiara topper with a red jewel in the middle. Happy 16th Birthday Alice written on the cake board." 

A very classy choice for a young lady of her generation, indeed! 

Wish granted:
The hand-made edible tiara (no moulds, or cutters... 
just hands, a plastic cylinder to dry it on, and a scalpel... just saying, LOL):
 You can tell it's made freehand by the sloppy edible glitters that's meant to only stick to the jewel in the middle. Hahah! Didn't bother Photoshopping just to make a point :D
"Happy 16th Birthday Alice" as per the brief:
And now, a couple more images for the sake of showmanship (LOL):
 Alice's reaction when she first laid eyes on her cake:
"Wow! That is exactly how I pictured it in my mind!"
 "My party went very well thank you ! The cake made it in one piece , everyone loved the cake. thank you so much again for such an amazing and tasty cake!" -Alice

See what we mean? Even in giving her feedback, she is very sophisticated!

Thank you, Alice, for joining us in this sugary-sweet journey!

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