Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A cake made with so much love, because of love, for Love

So here we are... after 6 months of blogging silence. Sorry! Life happened, as it usually does. Beautiful life. Crazy... but beautiful! Sprinkled with the most gorgeous cakes in between! :)

This post is dedicated to one of the most beautiful women we know, Christia, and her gorgeous family, Russ & their three boys. Christia is our Brisbane-based cake BFF. She's awesome! Check out her page here.

No. We did not make a cake for them. They made a cake for us: our wedding cake! (Jane's & Arvee's) 

We had our wedding at the beginning of this year. Yes, yes, I know. Why so late a post? It took me this long to start organising all our wedding things. In fact, all the wedding decors are still in boxes (unsorted!) in the garage (Joy & Kenneth's garage. Sorry!) For someone who loves to organise, this is a first for me! I wonder if that's normal?!

Anyway, back to the cake. Months before our wedding, we asked Christia if she could make our wedding cake. We didn't want to put our hopes up, firstly, because they were based in Brisbane. But after a few days, she got back to us to say yes and not only that - the whole family is coming! I cried.

So fast forward to the week before our wedding... this was truly a crazy time! In true DIY-fashion, I wanted to do everything! haha! It got a little bit crazy there - thankfully, with the help of lovely family and friends, everything got done just in time. But because I left so many things to the last minute, we didn't get to finish our part in the cake-making process: creating the edible roses and peonies. And, this is where I want to take a moment to thank Ricky & Daisy (family friends), and Minette & Makkyla (my youngest sister and my cousin, both bridesmaids) for saving me! Thank you for pulling an all-nighter with me to make the flowers!

and, here's a photo of Minette & Mykee hard at work:

On the day of the wedding, Christia, Russ, and Joy set-up the cake at the venue. I, unfortunately, don't have a photo of them setting up the cake but click here to see our wedding video... if you watch through to the end, you'll see them working hard at it. :)

Here's a few more photos of the cake:

The cake: Being a self-proclaimed "Plain-Jane", I wanted the cake to be simple. Classic. Vintage. Elegant. Pearlescent. Hydrangeas. Roses. Peonies. Gold-leaf. This was one YUMMY cake, too. Fruit cake, red velvet, white choc mud, milk choc mud... through and through! Baked by the one and only, Christia, of course!

Here's a photo of Arvee & me, with Christia and Joy:

 Us, cutting the cake:

 Cake - cut! 

Dear Christia and Russ (and the boys!), words can't express how thankful we are, and we can never thank you enough. The cake was perfect! It was as I have imagined it to be. Thank you so much! We can only hope that we could someday return the favour. We love you!

ps. Christia, thank you for dancing with us ladies and for emcee'ing, too! One of my most memorable moments on the day: when you, Joy, and I were crying, at the very end of the reception. I will never forget that. I love you... way more than cake! (",)

Thank you for journeying with us... it was sugary-sweet!

with so much love,

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Christia said...

I'd do it all again for you - without all the mishaps!! Somehow, things always come together - no matter what… Wishing we could do another project together!