Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cricket Cake, Hughlala!!!

25th April 2011: Here's a cricket-themed birthday cake for a cricket fan. This is aka the LOL cake... thank goodness it's for a friend's hubby's bday! ;D

There's a story to this, so please bear with the longer than usual post.

Three weeks ago, our dear friend, Radda, e-mailed us. She'd like us to make a cake for her hubby's birthday. They live in Napier. So, how to send the cake to them? We looked at the possibility to courier. A few days later, she told us they were coming up here in Auckland for the Easter and that we can make the cake then. (In my mind: Okay, so maybe she's planning to throw a party for hubby with Auckland friends.) So everything's good so far...

Come Monday morning. Cake's on the cake stand... so cute, and ready to picked up. :) Yes, everything is good!

Text convo:
Me: Hey, the cake is butter-free. Just in case you guys aren't into butter. :)
Her: Oh, good! Coz I'm planning to keep it until 23rd May.
Me:  O.O

oohhh, everything's not so good!

LOL! We had such a big laugh! It was great catching up with them!

Well, they ended up having a party with their Auckland friends that night to celebrate his birthday... because there's a cake... a month in advance! ;D

So, here's the chocolate-flavoured cake with vanilla butter(not!)cream and fondant decors:

Advance happy birthday, Hugh! ;p

Thank you for joining us in this sugary-sweet journey!


Anonymous said...

This is not just look good, but the taste is amazing. My husband very happy with the look and the taste too. He say" the sweetness just right" Thank guys.

Sweet Art said...

Yay for Da's happy husband!