Monday, November 14, 2011

Three's a party! :D

We recently celebrated three birthdays in our family: our Grandma, Dominga's 70th; Jane's 20-something-th; and, our cousin, Giane's 9th. So, yes, we made three cakes! (Minnies, this time... we didn't want to see lots of left-over cakes.)

Grandma's Cake... inspired by the fruit cake we made last month. The cake is a picture of timeless elegance. Just like our dear Inang (Grandma).

Jane's cake... loosely inspired by Jase + Sarah's wedding cake. The cake reflects Jane's understated elegance. {Oh, heart! lol}

Giane's cake... colourful, fun, vibrant! Just like her! :)

The obligatory group photo :D

And the ladies... blowing candles, making wishes!

To our guests at the party... thank you so much for joining us! Life is definitely more beautiful with you in it! :)

Thank you for joining us in this sugary-sweet journey!


JulisCake said...

So gentle and beautiful work!

Sweet Art said...

Thank you! :)