Monday, July 01, 2013

Barbie Haute Couture

Joy has recently come back from a short pre-birthday break in Hong Kong.
The little princess, of course, went along too. 
We thank God that Kloé-cake has coped 
with her first ever long-haul/overseas trip exceptionally well!

While there, Joy had the privilege to work with the wonderful Lady D
of Kwun Tong, HK on one of her projects... Here is the end result:
 But of course, there is more to it than the picture-perfect result.
When Lady D was telling Joy about her plan/concept for the design,
Joy didn't really get the picture, all she knew was that it was going to look awesome!
This was her inspiration by Joseph Massie Creative:
 Here is Lady D herself, working fastidiously on the Barbie cake:
   Lady D is a bowl-full of inspiration! She is a loving wife, and mum to a witty boy.
For a 'grown-up job', she enjoys being a flight purser for Cathay Pacific.
In between flights though, she really is just like us - 
a big kid lost in the wonderfully enchanting world of cake styling.
 Check this out - we needed some rhinestones to accentuate 
the neckline on Barbie's bodice,
so Lady D did the only thing that made sense - sacrifice her own top!
But wait, there's more... If you think this cake was baked in a dolly vardem,
well, you've thunk wrong ;D Lady D moulded it by hand!
This is her very obliging 'instant sous chef', Carmella, 
who learned to make perfect fondant rosettes in a flick:
Barbie's full skirt took up hundreds of these flowers shaped into frills/ruffles.
It almost felt like a losing battle.
Joy arrived at their place at 9pm, Carmella went to bed at 2am.
Joy took a nap at 3am. At 6am, when both Carmella and Joy re-joined
the work-table, Lady D was still going - no break whatsoever,
straight through the night and up to 11:00am the next day.
Talk about dedication!
In Joy's mind at the time: "I know this drive very well, 
sure, it's just a cake... but oh, the adrenaline rush! It was well worth it.
To work alongside someone who speaks the same language - 
of fondants, and frills, of frustration and then freedom... Bliss!

We take no credit for the amazing creativity and skill
as you've seen in the images above. We are grateful indeed to have shared
a journey with another kindred spirit.
More power to you, Lady D!

Thank you, for joining us in this sugary-sweet journey!

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