Monday, July 01, 2013

Kloé-cakes is 9 months old!

Fresh from her Hong Kong trip, our little princess is slowly settling back
into the cold and grey Auckland winter.
On Saturday, she turned 9 months old. Gosh, time is going too fast!

 Kloé, you have taught us so much in the short time you have been with us,
thank you for filling our home with laughter and warmth.
We look forward to seeing you grow in grace and strength.
We love you all the way around the world!
 Yesterday, after baking and icing 39 banana-caramel mini-cupcakes
(for 39 amazing weeks of her young and blessed life),
Kloé came with us to the hospice place to deliver them 
to the patients, families, and volunteers there.
Then off to the local mall to check out a cake competition exhibit
by some of the big-wigs in our little part of the world - North Shore City:
The cake below is not our cup'atea, but it's worth noting that it's apparently
entirely edible and made up mostly of chocolate:
This one below is simply elegant! Easily our favourite for being so chic 
and and 'un-literal' interpretation of 'haute couture':
We finished the day off with coffee at our new favourite spot: Takapuna Beach Café.
Always a great soy decaf latté! 
 Thank you all for joining us in this sugary-sweet journey!

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