Monday, May 13, 2013

Ashley's Cherry Blossom 15th Birthday Cake

Kia ora! 
This creation is for a friend of our good friend Christia of Take the Cake, Brisbane

This is our very first attempt at making pulled flower sugar bouquet. What a pleasure! 

We've dreamed of creating a cherry blossom cake for such a long time. 
In fact, we love it so much that Jane had originally planned to have 
a similar design for her wedding in January, but changed her mind 
because January down here is the middle of summer - no longer spring.

It was going to be a simple 2D design, but we got carried away... again... as we do... often. 
And here it is, all boxed up and ready for pick-up:


The bottom tier was milk chocolate mud-cake layered with chocolate ganache. 
The top tier is a red velvet cake, layered with white chocolate ganache.

Thank you, Ashley, for joining us in this sugary-sweet journey!


Anonymous said...

you ladies are sooooo cute! (ashleys words) Thank you for the wonderful cake not only did it look fabulous but it tasted amazing as well. Ashley is already thinking about designs for next years 16th birthday!!!! I am recommending Sweet Art cakes to eveyone and am looking forward to talking cakes in the future!

Sweet Art said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, Debbie! We are pleased to hear how happy you & Ashley are with the cake. Ashley, we look forward to your 16th... And 17th... 18, 19, 20, 21st... :)