Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Thevinia & Asi's White Chocolate Panelled Wedding Cake

 When Thevinia & Asi came to us, they knew what they wanted. 
In fact, they had a photo of the cake they wanted to simulate. 
This makes our job somewhat easier, straight forward. 
Here is the original photo from which inspired this next creation:
We try to credit other people's images when we can. 
Unfortunately, for this one, it was rather difficult to trace its origin 
and the google browser would only give us links from Pinterest. 
Anyway... So, we then set out to create our own version of the cake, 
staying true to our own cake-philosophy. :)
  We note: the roses and the butterflies are edible. Yes, edible! 
The roses are made of sugar-gum paste, and the butterflies are made of rice wafers 
printed with food ink. Love technology! 
Here is Jane (getting married too, in about 8 months) 
having fun with the bouquet cake topper before assembling the cake: 
This cake was TALLLLLLL and HEAVYYYYYY! 
For the chocolate panels & cones alone, we used 2 kg of white chocolate. 
From the cake board to the highest butterfly, it was about 19 inches tall!
The bottom tier is a milk chocolate mud cake, layered with raspberry preserve 
& frosted with creamy milk chocolate ganache. This was the groom's request. 
The top tier was a white chocolate mud cake layered with lemon curd 
& frosted with decadent white chocolate ganache. This one was the bride's pick. 
Now that's a marriage made in heaven :)
 Delivering it to their reception venue at Rendezvous Grand Hotel was smooth 
& straightforward as well. Their valet staff were very helpful, allowing us to 
park in front of the lobby, making the process so much more stress-free. 
Thank you, Thevinia & Asi for joining us in this sugary-sweet journey! 


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