Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Kloé-cake is 7 months old!

Quoting one lady from Joy's (virtual) coffee group: 
"In the words of the ladies at the supermarket: they grow up so fast!"
So, here they are: 30 pretty purple velvet mini-cakes to give thanks 
for 30 wonderful weeks of our princess' blessed life. 
This month, we have had a huge prayer request answered! 
We have struggled with Kloé's skin since her 3rd month. 
We have had many prayer warriors - friends, family, relatives, church family... 
and we are grateful. Today, Kloé's skin is on the mend, 
she even gets to sleep without mittens now. 
Developmentally, she is now standing and cruising between furniture. 
It's a lot of work to follow her around but soooo exciting! 
Especially proud of her having achieved all that she has all by herself. 
All we do is sit back, trust her, and be present and available for her when she needs us.
So last weekend, it was time again to visit the North Shore Hospice to deliver 
these velvety chocolate mini-cakes to the families and volunteers there. 
Kloé is beginning to get to know the wonderful people there, and vice versa. 
We cannot wait for the day when she gets to actually help bake for them. 

Thank you for joining us in Kloé's sugary-sweet journey!

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